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Re: problems with netscape

On Fri, Dec  8, 2000, Lazar Fleysher wrote:
> I have 2 strange problems with netscape communicator 4.73
> 1. It renders some web pages 50 to 100 times slower than Internet exploer
> on win 98 on the same machine!!!!! (I have Pentium-75). I am not sure that
> it is configuration problem, I am afraid it is a feature of netscape. I
> use Linux 99.999% of the time and it is annoing to reboot to windows for
> internet browsing...

I am no fan of Microsoft, but I have come to hate Netscape.  Since 3.0
I think it is has gotten worse and worse and these days is a total
piece of shit.  IE has simply become a better browser.  I think it
sucks, too, that Netscape is the only browser you can use under Linux.
I hope I am wrong, but there really is no alternative, is there?


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