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dselect: recommends are evil

IMHO there should be some way to override a recommends once and not
have to do it every time that dselect is invoked.  If this is not
feasible, most recommends should probably be downgraded to suggests.

For example, every time I run dselect it tries to remove timidity and
libasound1 (which timidity depends upon) because libasound recommends
alsadriver and I don't use also and therefore don't need it.  To make
matters worse, dselect at the same time tries to install
alsa-modules-2.2.17-ide, which provides alsadriver (and depends on
kernel-image-2.2.17-ide, which dselect also wants to install). 
alsa-modules depends on alsa-base, but libasound1 conflicts with
alsa-base <<0.5.9d-6, but this version doesn't yet exist, which causes
dselect to want to remove the other packages.  


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