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Re: pppd and wvdial


On 6 Dec 2000, Gary Hennigan wrote:

> "Tim Condit" <timc@ans.net> writes:
> > I've installed potato from CD-ROM, and am having a few problems.
> > My ppp connection was working okay for a day or two, but now it's
> > not. I'm using wvdial, and have previously connected to my ISP, so
> > I know the /etc/wvdial.conf (and /etc/resolv.conf) info is
> > correct, but here's what I'm seeing:
> > 
> > When I run wvdial, a ppp connection is opened. When I view
> > ifconfig, it's UP. I can ping the local IP, but not the remote
> > one. Further, when I kill wvdial, the ppp connection remains
> > present and UP in the ifconfig listing.
> When you say you can ping local, you mean or the IP address
> you get from your ISP? Why don't you include the output from
> "ifconfig" and also "route -n". You can, of course, change any real IP
> addresses to protect the innocent.

Oh, that refers to the IP address from my ISP. I can also ping I'm at work at the moment, but I'll send the output of
ifconfig and 'route -n' tomorrow if necessary.

> I'm not familiar with wvdial, but if you can ping the address assigned
> by your ISP then you may just need to make sure the PPP has the option
> "defaultroute" set. It's been a while since I messed with dialup stuff
> but the option, I think, was simply "defaultroute" in the pppd.conf
> file.

I'll try that. It's odd that it would be unset though, as pppd was
working fine a couple days ago. 

> > Also, I don't have traceroute installed! Surely there is a free
> > version of traceroute available. Any suggestions on where it's
> > located?
> Umm, maybe it's in the "traceroute" package? :)

Doh! Thanks..

> Gary

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