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spidermonkey.helixcode.com down?

Dear debian-users,

I decided to take the plunge and add the HelixCode site to
sources.list, and 'apt-get install task-helix-gnome
task-helix-gnome-dev' -- I figured I might as well get up to date with
Gnome and see how it is these days.  I get some errors from apt-get of
this nature (for about 5 packages):

Err http://spidermonkey.helixcode.com unstable/main sawfish-gnome 0.33.1-helix2
  404 Not Found
Failed to fetch http://spidermonkey.helixcode.com/distributions/debian/dists/woody/main/binary-i386/sawfish-gnome_0.33.1-helix2_i386.deb
  404 Not Found
Unable to correct missing packages.
E: Aborting Install.

I tried again, a couple times.  Then I tried apt-get update just to
make sure things were square, and the connection is timed out.  Now I
can't even ping spidermonkey.  Am I just unlucky in my timing, or

Anyone else seeing this?


Albert ``Willy'' Lee, Emacs user, game programmer
"They call me CRAZY - just because I DARE to DREAM of a RACE of 

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