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Re: Laptops for Debian GNU/Linux?

I just got me a Toshiba 3440CT portege. I am struggling to
get things working, but that's part of the fun. 

What I managed so far is to get X working, that is by far
the most important. Sound on this thing is not so
interesting, unless you hook it up to some decent
speakers. Didn't try IrDA yet (compiled the modules, but
didn't checked if my palmpilot could communicate) The CD
player is separate and it still has to be delivered so I
don't know nothing about it yet. Ethernet works right out of
the box, no problem at all. 

I have been looking around for many weeks to choose a nice
laptop. I knew what I wanted to spent, and then started
looking. So, if you want something portable look for
something like a 3440 portege, if you don't want the trouble
of all these seperate devices and use it more as desktop,
get an all-in-one (like a thinkpad A20, my other possible
choice) Another thing I considered important was the screen
resolution, I wanted 1024x768 or more. Dell has some
inspirons with high res, but they are HEAVY. My portege has
1024x768 and it is light. But it is not as small as vaio SR11K 
(same res, smaller screen). Oh, modems, this one has a
lucent modem, there is only a binary module for 2.2.12
available, I get it inserted in 2.2.17, and wvdial finds it,
but since I have ISDN I don't know if it works (yet). If you
are not sure, buy a pcmcia modem, they work. 

Just make a wishlist and start looking around. If you have a
specific question maybe I can help, I just ended my quest
for the perfect laptop. 


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