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LILO installation

My PC is a Pentium 200 MMX, 64 MB RAM and 10 GB HD, and I tried to install Debian 2.2 rev 0 (directly from CD-ROM).
I think my Bios full supports this HD because I see 10 GB when I run it.
I have a 3 GB bootable primary partition for Windows (system) = hda1 and a 1.5 GB logical partition for Windows data = "" (both FAT32); I made swap partition (= hda7) and a Linux native partition in the remainder of the HD (= hda6). Of course, during the installation cfdisk showed me that hda5, hda6 and hda7 are logical partitions and hda1 is a bootable primary partition.
During the installation of LILO, the program asked me where to install it; when I chose /dev/hda, the reply was: "The boot partition is a logical partition ... Please select the partition to use.  (/dev/hda2: DOS Extended)".
I tried also to change Windows' filesystem from FAT32 to FAT32 (LBA) in both hda1 and hda5 with Debian fdisk and then re-install Debian, but the result was the same.
What can I do to install correctly LILO during Debian installation?
Thanks in advance
Franco Vecchiato

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