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Re: Hi all

At 08:59 AM 12/2/2000 -0500, you wrote:

Yikes! Run level 2 is the debian default.

You sure didn't need to reinstall on that score.

Sorry if I was too late.

Actually SSH was not working ither. It was never installed (wh not?) then I did a apt-get ssh and it said there was a dependency for libssl09 so I did a apt-get libssl09 but it could not find it. Well I decided to do a reinstall figuring that maybe something else went wrong with this install too.

I am now trying to install for the third time (maybe third time is the charm). I really want to get debian working but I have to admit if this does not do it for me then I am going back to red hat.

Why runlevel 2? That makes no sense to me.
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