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Re: DNS problem after upgrade to woody

on Thu, Nov 30, 2000 at 10:51:02AM -0500, Giulio Morgan (mickle@panix.com) wrote:
> kmself@ix.netcom.com writes:
> > on Wed, Nov 29, 2000 at 10:54:37PM -0500, Giulio Morgan (mickle@panix.com) wrote:
> > > After upgrading, I am unable to connect to mailserver with
> > > fetchmail, to remore hosts with apt, telnet, ssh, irc, lynx or
> > > mozilla. Messages are:
> > > unable to resolve host...
> > > something wicked happened...
> > > domain name could not be confirmed...
> > > it appears that there is a problem with DNS and I have no idea how
> > > to resolve it.
> > 
> > Is your named daemon running?  I've found that several daemons fail to
> > restart after upgrades.  DNS resolution tends to be poor without a
> > running named....
> Thank you Karsten, 
> I can't determine if my "named" is running. 

BTW, I should mention DNS isn't my strong suite, though I've poked at it
enough for it to roll over and die from time to time.


    $ ps aux | grep [n]amed
    root 1398 0.0 0.7 2612 1832 ?   S Nov29   0:12 /usr/sbin/named

You may only be using /etc/resolv.conf, you don't need to run named, and
quite probably shouldn't. 

If you've got a file /etc/init.d/named, you can try running it:

    $ /etc/init.d/named start

...to see what happens.  It'll just bitch at you if it's already

> I checked logs to see if I
> could find any meaningful indication, and comparing pre- and
> post-upgrade logs, I noted that in the post-upgrade syslog, there is
> an entry: 
> ...inetd[1731]: smtp/tcp: bind: Address already in use

I believe this is different.  named doesn't run out of indetd.  I think
it's trying to bind to a socket.

> which does not appear in my pre-upgrade logs
> In the ppp.log, there is a line:
> ...ppd[324]: not replacing existing default route to tap0 []
> and then further down, after immediately after connection is established, the
> following lines appear:
> ...ppd[324]: local address...
> ...ppd[324]: remote address (correct address, line not copied
> verbatim)
> ...ppd[324]: script /etc/ppp/ip-up started
> up to here, everything as before, then,
> ...diald[207]: calling site (don't know whose address)
> ...diald[207]: Error opening device /dev/modem: no such file or directory
> ...diald[207]: No devices free to call out on

Are you getting your network connection?  If you're relying on your
ISP's DNS servers, and can't raise your PPP link, you're going to have
trouble resovling hosts, but you can't reach them anyway <g>.

Looks like you might have a modem config issue.  Hardware layer beats IP
layer any day of the week.

> In pre-upgrade log, the next line after script /etc/ppp/ip-up started,
> I don't remember exactly, but some indication of the successful
> completion of the script, diald not invoked.

Haven't used diald myself, but you might look at / play with pppconf.

> >From here, I don't know what has caused this problem nor any good
> >idea how to solve it.
> I will be grateful for any help,

I'd strongly suggest looking at the Network Administrator's Guide, by
Olaf Kirche, included as 'NAG' in /usr/doc/ldp-nag  It's got a nice
little section which should be all you need to get DNS configured for a
standalone box, plus data on other networking issues.  The new edition
(released this year) is well worth the upgrade.  There's another
O'Reilly book on DNS and BIND, but it's most likely overkill.

For troubleshooting:

  - Find out if you've got a network connection.  Try pinging a fixed
    IP.  For example, www.sourceforge.net ( -- so you
    don't have to resolve it).  If you can reach that, you've got an
    external link.

  - Check your DNS configs.  It's usually something stupid like having
    'order hosts,bind' out of order in /etc/host.conf (you want it as
    stated), the wrong DNS forwarders in /etc/resolv.conf, or a broken
    DNS config.  I'd shoot for a caching-only nameserver first, before
    getting too tricked out.

  - Read the book, 'coz I'm all out of trix.

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