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FWD: use deb for programming

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From: root <markrainess@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 23:05:31 -0500
To: joey@kitenet.net
Subject: use deb for programming
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I am thinking of switching to debian. I understand that deb packages are
better than rpm if you are doing programming, but I am not clear as to
exactly why. I am installing apache, perl, python, postgresql, mysql,
php, zope, etc., from source. I also might need several versions of the
same thing. For example, php needs python 1.5.2 and I want to play with
2.0. I have been removing the rpms and installing from source so I can
have the flexibility of configure. Now, the rpm database isn't going to
know about any of this, so I am not sure there is any advantage to using
it under these circumstances. I have read that deb is still useful in
this configuration, but I don't know how or why. I think you must have
some important insight on this. You might want to put some discussion of
this on your site. For people who are using a system normally, I suppose
either package format is ok. It would be nice to have an unbiased view
that if you are using your system for x, then package format y is the
best, and here's why.

I'me using mandrake now. I have played with slackware, redhat, suse, and
debian (I think it was 2.0). I would like to have kde and I see that the
latest debian (potato 2.2 ?) doesn't have it. I think there is a deb for
kde, but it would be a bear of a download on my 56k modem, so I think I
would rather wait for debian with kde on cd, but I think it might be a
long wait. If I am better of programming on debian, I can suffer through
it though.

I read that deb is so good that I can, for example, apt-get kde 2.0, and
without any further intervention, all the right stuff gets done; and,
that for maintaining a remote site, I can even update the kernel and
have it install and reboot remotely. Does this really work?


Mark Rainess

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