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XF86_SVGA consuming over 60% of my memory

I'm running Debian potato, so I have the pre version 4 of XFree.
It used to run like a champ.  After installing a few more packages
and doing an update here or there, it appears I have a memory

I barely have anything running compared to when it ran like
a champ and now I'm always on the border line of memory

with 256 Mbytes of ram I tend to have only 50 Mbytes or less free.
a 128 Mbyte swap file is down to 36 Mbytes or less free.

Here's what I do have running:
- bash
- communicator-sm
- deskguide_applet
- emacs
- gkrellm
- gmc
- gnapster
- gnome-terminal
- gtop
- mini_commander applet
- panel
- sawfish
- tasklist_applet

wah! my machine is running like a win98 machine!

used to be I could have 2 emacs sessions,  an xterm,
gqview,  several netscape windows, and more and run
for over a month with no lose of resources.  It was rock
solid, now its limping like a sick puppy.

any ideas?
- greg s.

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