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Trying to install Debian 2.2 on my new system which has the main
hard drive connected to a Promise Ultra 100 connector. Problem ofcourse
is that when I boot from the Debian CD, the promise controller and hard
drive are not detected.

So I created a boot disk with the 2.2.17 kernel and the Promise patches
applied. This works, I can boot with the boot disk, and I see that the
controller and harddisk are detected (hde, lol !), BUT, now I want to
proceed installing from the debian CD. So how can I get my system to
boot from the bootdisk I created, and then proceed with the normal setup
from the Debian binary #1 CD ? I tried stuff like root=/dev/hdc in the
/etc/lilo.conf on the disk, but that didn't work.

I think I need to load /install/root.bin on the CD, but how ?

Any ideas ?

Thanks !


PS. I know I can put my HD on the normal controller, and put it back after
installation, but I don't want that.

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