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Re: top tells me X is using 80 Mb!

:: Rogerio Brito writes:

>> From the debian-devel, I learnt that sometimes applications that
>> send images to X to be displayed will cause that behavior; it looks
>> like X allocated all that memory, but it's actually the app's fault.

> 	Hummm. I see. I think that this is quite a strange behaviour
> 	though, since when more and more graphic applications are
> 	available for X, including e-mail readers ala those from
> 	Microsoft, then one thing that could cause a DoS (cause an OoM
> 	situation) would be to just display such images, right?

I don't know. Maybe someone else could help here, but I suppose that
there is a way to avoid that. Or maybe it shouldn't matter at all,
since reporting of memory use may be a bit tricky sometimes?

>> > 	BTW, which driver/card are you using? I'll be using a Jaton
>> > 	card with Trident 3D Imàge 750 chipset.
>> SiS 6326 with "8Mb" (acttually 4) :-/

> 	Oh, I remember that you've mentioned it has 8MB but only 4MB
> 	usable, right? And does it work ok? A friend of mine is
> 	thinking about buying one of this cards (I don't know if it
> 	comes embedded in a motherboard or not) and since his budget
> 	is limited, there aren't many choices (I've told him that I've
> 	had good luck with S3's).

The  SiS 6326 works fine, if you don't mind using a 4 Mb
card... "Some" acceleration is available from X, but that will change
soon, since there's already a Utah-GLX module for it. I'd expect that
module to be integrated into X in a not very long time.


Jeronimo Pellegrini
Institute of Computing - Unicamp - Brazil
mailto:jeronimo@ic.unicamp.br    mailto:pellegrini@iname.com

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