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Either dselect, and from the package selection screen, do a
search for mysql, and note the package name, and any other
related ones you may want (documentation, frontends,
whatever), then exit back to the command line.  Do 'apt-get
install <package name 1> <package name 2>' and sit back and
relax while it installs.  The version on the Potato CD's is
3.22, not the most recent, but I think more so than the
v6.5 for PostgreSQL :(


--- James Preece <james.preece@uk.easynet.net> wrote:
> OK start from scratch.
> I have installed it I think, just need some help. 
> Is there a way to get this installed using dselect or
> apt-get (CAPT)
> I have ad a look at the www.mysql.org pages but these do
> not seem to be
> specifically for debian.
> Could you point me to the doc's for debian or add your
> two pence's worth.
> Cheers
> James.
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