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Re: filter

Erik Steffl wrote:
>   I just installed cups and am kinda not sure what's going on (haven't
> read the docs yet), how does it work, in general? I mean do I need
> magicfilter? does it use ghostscript for printing to non-postscript
> printer?

Er, well, actually I installed it recently and jusr red the main doc on
how to install it... it's all straightforward, it autodetects the
printer and can be done via a www config tool, all very friendly - and
CLI is also available, of course.
I think you do not need magicfilter, CUPS replaces BSD lp* with new
versions that use the included HP or Epson drivers; as for postscript, I
really don't know... all I know is that after installing and adding my
printer I was able to print correctly images (never could do it before),
text, Postscript, HTML, etc, all with the default settings the tools
have /(i.e. lpr - .... ).

best regards,


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