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That may explain it.
I had tried to upgrade from potato to woody, and as soon as the woody perl
was installed, my apt-get upgrade really crashed. All the packages started
having conflicts with each other (specifically gnome packages). 

Maybe I need to upgrade perl? Should I dpkg --purge perl or is there a
better way with apt? I'm afraid since the package is new that it will
think I don't need to change it.

Any advice appriciated!

D. Ghost

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000 JoshNarins@aol.com wrote:

> DESTROY is all about perl. DebConf is a Debian specific
> perl package.
> Have you uninstalled perl?
> Have you hand isntalled a newer perl?
> Is DebConf in your @INC or $PERL5LIB?

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