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Re: password, username in .muttrc


On Mon, Nov 27, 2000 at 06:32:23PM -0500, Antonio Rodriguez wrote:
> The truth is that I am not sure. I supposed that it was in .muttrc,
> that's probably the reason why I could not see anything in the
> documentation. Does it mean that mutt uses fetchmail to fetch the
> messages?

>From /usr/doc/mutt/manual.txt.gz

  4.10.  POP3 Support (OPTIONAL)

 If Mutt was compiled with POP3 support (by running the configure
 script with the --enable-pop flag), it has the ability to fetch your
 mail from a remote server for local browsing.  When you invoke the
 fetch-mail function (default: G), Mutt attempts to connect to
 ``pop_host'' and authenticate by logging in as ``pop_user''.  After
  the connection is established, you will be prompted for your password
   on the remote system.
Once you have been authenticated, Mutt will fetch all your new mail
  and place it in the local ``spoolfile''.  After this point, Mutt runs
   exactly as if the mail had always been local.

 Note: The POP3 support is there only for convenience, and it's rather
 limited.  If you need more functionality you should consider using a
 specialized program, such as fetchmail

Please don't think I'm using RTFM, because I know the Mutt manual is so huge that some issues can be easily missed out.



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