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Re: NIC install - found driver, need to compile(?)

On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 03:46:40PM -0500, urbanyon wrote: 

> one more thing that may be of interest:
> % modprobe -c
> found this:
> alias eth0 off

If your card is working you can place an alias for the modul, not
needed by now.

> and also
> # Options
> options 3c59x 3c59x options=4
> options 3c59x 4
> the latter ("Options") correspond to what i entered when trying to load
> the 3c59x module using modconf.  the system hung for so long (30+ minutes)
> that i rebooted.

See, I really don't know this card and don't know what options should
be given.
Is it a PCI-card or ISA?

If PCI, what does "lspci -v" say?

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