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Re: Q: Working .forward?

> Tried it, mail disappears as the others into the void. Same with the
> earlier attempts. If I remove the .forward, then it appears as normal in
> /var/mail/user. But I'm not even getting copies of the mails ent as I
> specified in Elm setup, I wonder if they're related? I checked dir
> permissions, followed the man pages, the readme shtml and tips html...

> Mail comes in to var/mail but if I put anything in .forward it stops and
> the mail disappears. That's about where I am.

Hmmm... what mail transport agent are you using?

You could try installing Procmail and put this in your .forward:
  | procmail
Then, "touch ~/.procmailrc" and see if mail gets through normally.
Then, try adding 
to .procmailrc and see if that works.


P.S. Your return address is set wrong--mail directly to you will get

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