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Re: Installing Woody on new box

>>>>> "Frederik" == Frederik Vanrenterghem <frederik@maui.kotnet.org> writes:

    Frederik> On Tue, 28 Nov 2000, Philipp Schulte wrote:
    >> I assume you have got potato-CDs? Then just install potato and change
    >> your sources.list to the new paths (s/stable/unstable) and apt-get
    >> dist-upgrade.

    Frederik> I would prefer not going through Potato, if possible (my Potato
    Frederik> CD image was burned while potato was in frozen, a month or 2
    Frederik> before it became stable). I'll have unofficial Woody CD images, I
    Frederik> only need to know what else I might be needing (bootfloppies eg),
    Frederik> and whether or not I can use the Potato ones for that purpose.

When I did my Woody install, I used the Potato disks, and installed the base
system from Potato.  For the second stage of the install (after the reboot to
boot off the HD), when it asked about the sources.list (whether I wanted to
edit it, etc), I changed it to point to unstable, and the rest of the install
worked with the Woody sources, including the task selector, etc.

I was installing off an ftp site, so YMMV with CDs.


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