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Re: Apache-SSL: NameVirtualHosts: separate certificates?

On Tue, 28 Nov 2000 09:50:55 -0600, Jorgensen, Jens wrote:

>> I'd like to have different server certificates for all NameVirtualHosts
>> running on my external IP.
>Well, if you're using mod_ssl, according to the fine documentation the

Where *is* TFD after all?! I didn't find it?! To be specific I didn't find 
ANY documentation about the SSL-specific stuff *at all*?!

>SSLCertificateFile directive, which specifies the filename of the server
>certificate, can be place inside the overral server config context _or_
>inside a virtual host context (ie. within the <VirtualHost> </VirtualHost>

Well, this is exactly what I did (and I didn't forget to restart the 
server!), but I still get the same certificate for all virtual servers?! 
Yes, I did also comment out the global SSLCertificateFile directive.

Still any ideas?



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