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Re: NIC install - found driver, need to compile(?)

On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 10:03:59AM -0500, urbanyon wrote: 

> i have a 3com NIC (3CSOHO100-TX).  i managed to find a driver here:
> http://www.uow.edu.au/~andrewm/linux/3c59x-2.3-changelog.txt

Fine, but why don't you use the driver in the kernel?
3c59x.c seems to support your card.

> thing is, i am a newbie with a capital N (well, maybe a little better than
> that, but not much).  i have no idea how to get this thing installed (i
> have determined that the module i need is NOT part of the kernel). do

What makes you sure about that? Did you try to load 3c59x? What

> i need to recompile the module, and if so, how?  do i need to recompile
> the kernel once i've done this, and if so, how?  if i don't need to
> recompile the kernel, what do i need to do?  i've been trying to get this
> machine up and running and this seems to be the last step.

If you downloaded the driver then cat it. There should be a
compile-command at the very end. Compile it, place the compiled module
in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/net and load it by modprobe/insmod.
You don't need to recompile the kernel.
But I recommend you first try to use the kernel-module. You don't have
to recompile you kernel either. Just select the option as a module and
"make modules modules_install".

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