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PCI probs with Triton I

Hi, 'users' ;-)

i know most of you aren't so i dare to ask:

My last Q to this list received no reply (PIIX, 82371 DMA probs). May
be i should have added the hexdump of kmem to be more specific?

Starring at the intel 82371FB docs and kernel-sources
driver/block/ide-* and driver/pci/* for two nights as well as
perusing setpci now gave the following, which puzzles me even more:

My IDE does not DMA because the Function 1 (IDE) of the 82371FB does not
even appear in the list of PCI devices!, only Function 0 (ISA Bridge).
Every try with setpci even with direct acces methods, also a small prog
using the pcilib, gives no response for PCI 0:7.1

The only other intel computer here is using the PIIX4 with an 82371AB
that lists its subdevices correctly. I even installed windows (see
what i'm going through?) to see if it recognizes the IDE functions - it
doesn't, only ISA Bridge on which it is running a 'generic
busmaster driver'.

Who is responsible for the PCI Headers - the BIOS (which is surely
broken)? Do i have to initialize the chipset to make the subdevices
available? There's not any indication of this in the docs.

Pls, i really need this. Does anyone know of anyone i may talk to?
Among the web sites i searched during the last days were kernel.org,
linux-ide & suse.de. May be i missed sth.?

_smallest font on_ any answer, please :)

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