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Re: Sound in Gnome

>In order to make more space on my hard drive I recently created a new partition
>and copied /home over to this using the following:
>tar cSpf - . | (cd /home2 ; tar xvSpf - )
>Now, running off my new partition as home, I've come across an error that I
>attribute to this change (as far as I can tell because I have no other
>explanation at present): sound does not work in Gnome.  Yet under KDE2 sound
>works.  I don't even seem to be able to get access to the cdrom for playing
>music, yet my permissions for that are in tact.
>I've also experienced sound not working in KDE2 if I happen to go into Gnome
>first, logout, and then login in KDE2.
>Any ideas and solutions would be much appreciated.
>Arlen Carlson <adcarlson@iname.com>

Both environments have sound daemons running so more than one sound can be
played at the same time. KDE2 uses "artsd" for sound and GHOME used "esd". After
you leave KDE2 or GNOME, do a "ps -ef" and look for one of these sound daemons.
If it's still active, do a "kill -9 <pid>" on it. I believe these daemons should
stop once you leave the environment, but, I could be wrong. You can't have two
of these running at the same time!

Another method would be to run the sound app from an xterm while in KDE2 or
GNOME. This way you'd get the stderr messages indicating the audio device is
already in use or something like that. At that point, kill any sound daemons
running and start the respective sound daemon for the enviroment you're in.
Then, try running your sound app again.


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