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Re: resque.bin problem

On Mon, Nov 27, 2000 at 06:07:08PM -0500, bounce-debian-user=erbenson=alaska.net@lists.debian.org wrote:
> Hello
> folloving giving instruction I formatted floppy disk
> using usual format command on my PC
> then I writed image of resque.bin using rawrite into this disk
> then I inserted this disk into MAC IIsi and powered it up
> MAC ejects my disk out and want not to boot from it.

i am not very familier with the m68k port of debian but i don't think
there is a bootable floppy for those, only for OldWorld PowerMacs
(which i am familier)  you need to use a MacOS application to boot the
linux kernel on those machines i think (i don't recall the name
penguinboot or something like that) 

Ethan Benson

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