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Re: xserver-xfree86_4.0.1-8 config error

Sorry for replying to my own mail.

Just finished an apt-get dist-upgrade and it sorted everything out.

Please ignore the mail.

On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 10:54:05AM +1100, Russ Pitman wrote:
> An apt-get upgrade two nights ago included xserver-xfree86_4.0.1-8 that
> failed to install at the configure stage.
> Just now a replacement download failed again. The error shows:
> ------
> Unpacking replacement xserver-xfree86 ...
> Setting up xserver-xfree86 (4.0.1-8) ...
> sh: -c: line 1: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `''[1]
> sh: -c: line 2: syntax error: unexpected end of file
> dpkg: error processing xserver-xfree86 (--install):
>  subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 128
> Errors were encountered while processing:
>  xserver-xfree86
> Press any key to continue...
> -----------
> Looking at the postrm script seems ok to me and just running it standalone
> within the .deb package file dosen't bring up errors, but running the config  
> file the same way repeats the error
> [1] When I cut and pasted the error from another console the backtick didn't
> show here so I manually inserted it. Now I am wondering whether the
> cut/paste process might have probs as well?
> Anyone else struck this.
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> 		    ----russ----
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