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Re: resque.bin problem

   Hello Oleg,

I think you might find a lot more help for your specific hardware


go WAY down that page until you see the check box for:


I know that macs boot in a completely different way and I don't
own one so I can't really offer more.

Good luck and happy compooting

On Monday 27 November 2000 15:07, Oleg Kokorin wrote:
> Hello
> folloving giving instruction I formatted floppy disk
> using usual format command on my PC
> then I writed image of resque.bin using rawrite into this disk
> then I inserted this disk into MAC IIsi and powered it up
> MAC ejects my disk out and want not to boot from it.
> please help
> where I was wrong?
> Oleg Kokorin
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