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ATA100 support, and the ASUS CUSL2

I have a system with an ASUS CUSL2 mobo and a Pentium III CPU. The
problem is that the onboard ATA100 controller is not recognized by the
2.2.x kernels (2.2.17 is what I am currently using), and my ATA100 HD is
running in PIO mode, not even DMA mode.

Has anyone successfully gotten ATA100 support working for the linux
kernel - 2.2.x or the 2.4 pre-release series, on the ASUS CUSL2
motherboard ?

I am considering trying out the 2.4.x-pre series but since I am running
woody I am not sure if there are any issues compiling a 2.4.x-pre kernel
with woody's gcc.


Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT pathcom DOT com

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