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Re: Re time-frequency analysis and Gabor spectrogram software in Debian?

on Mon, Nov 27, 2000 at 05:26:22PM +0100, Paul Huygen (paul.huugen@huygen.nl) wrote:
> "Michael A. Miller" <miller@lumen.med.iupui.edu> asked:
> > Is anyone aware of software available in Debian or for *nix at
> > large that will allow me to calculate gabor spectrograms and
> > do general time-frequency analysis on signal data that is not
> > limited to audio file formats?
> I don't know what Gabor spectrograms are, but I think you can use
> Octave, or the commercial package
> Matlab (The Math Works).

Also 'R' for general statistical work, though again I'm not sure if it
addresses this specific need.  Package 'r-base' in Debian.

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