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Re: "startx lxdoom" - wrong colormap

>There's an old P90 at my school that we use during the breaks and it's
>running potato.  I have installed lxdoom (the svgalib version of doom
>doesn't work for some strange reason although other svgalib programs
>like "thrust" work fine) on it and it works, however there is one
>As the machine is quite old and has a very slow VGA I would like to
>start doom this way:
>startx lxdoom
>so it will be the only X-client running.  When I do this, the game
>works but the colors are just weird - the wrong colormap is set.  So I
>have to type:
>startx lxdoom -- -bpp 16
>which shows perfect colors but is quite slow.
>Is there a way to set the right colormap when running lxdoom
>exclusively with 8bpp without a window manager?
>Thanks for your help,

What I do is put the executable in my $HOME/.xinitrc file. So, my .xinitrc file
looks like this:

#! /bin/sh


This way only X and quake3 start up (I believe)...no window manager. Doing it
this way, quake3 seems to run faster for me. YMMV.


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