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Re: CD burning & mkisofs segmentation fault.

> 	I have been having some trouble with the mkisofs of the
> Debian/GNU Linux 2.2r0 (potato). When I try to create an image (of, say,
> my home directory) after a certain time, mkisofs reports a seg fault. The
> interesting thing is that, this "certain time" varies every time I run the
> command! Xcdroast does the same: after a while it bummers me with a
> message saying that "something went wrong"... Again, the "while" varies
> everytime. On top of this, every now and then, my system just freezes!!!
> 	I believe I followed all the steps in the CD-Writing howto and I
> have been through the documentation already... Any hints?!
> 						 Daniel.
> P.S.: Please, respond to ferrante@physics.brown.edu, once I am not
> presently subscribing to this email list. Thanks again.

Have you enough free space on your hard drive? mkisofs shouldn't be
using anything unusual, save a lot of drive space and a large amount
of disk i/o.

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