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Re: Software Development from Russia! ($15-$20 per hour)

urbanyon scripsit:
>isn't this supposed to be an ad-free list?  just curious, not really
>On Mon, 27 Nov 2000 ytuhjkbd@lycos.com wrote:
>> Dear IT Manager:
>> Please consider deploying our highly skilled off-shore programmers on your e-commerce and software development projects.

Well, not exactly ad-free... Debian lists are free-ad-free,
i.e. people willing to post an ad should pay 1000 US$ per ad. Now, I
don't belive for a second that ytuhjkbd@lycos.com paid the fare, but
I'm known as someone who do not trust human nature, may be I'm too
cynical... By the way, If ytuhjkbd@lycos.com realy didn't paid the
1000 US$ fare, he/she can be asked to pay 1999US$ penality. :)

Leo TheHobbit 
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