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Re: apt-get upgrade (potato) broke .muttrc ?

On Mon, Nov 27, 2000 at 07:11:59AM -0600, will trillich wrote:
> # apt-get update
> # apt-get upgrade
> % mutt
> Error in /home/will/.muttrc, line 20: pgp_default_version:
> unknown variable
> source: errors in /home/will/.muttrc
> Press any key to continue...

all the PGP options have changed in mutt 1.2.5 which is in potato r1

> the section in question is:
> 	set pgp_verify_sig=no
> 	set pgp_default_version=gpg
> 	#set pgp_autosign
> 	#set pgp_sign_as=nothing
> 	set pgp_timeout=7200
> before apt-get upgrade, mutt worked fine; now
> it gripes at this pgp_* stuff. did i miss an important
> 'we changed some things' post?

no unfortunatly not the only place this is documented in the
changelogs for mutt.  note that the pgp stuff is already configured in
/etc/Muttrc for this version of mutt, so you don't need much in your
~/.muttrc anymore, i have:

## gpg stuff

set pgp_autosign
set pgp_replyencrypt
set pgp_replysignencrypted
set pgp_replysign
set pgp_sign_as=0x2C447AFC
set pgp_strict_enc

thats all thats required, im not really sure about that
pgp_strict_enc, though.  

Ethan Benson

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