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Re: integrating latest matrox driver

On Thu, 23 Nov 2000 15:04:48 +1100, Damien said:

> > 
>  > I noticed that matrox has a linux driver for my g400 that is supposedly
>  > better than the one in XFree86 4.0.1. According to their docs, however,
>  > I need to download and compile XFree86 by hand with the new driver in
>  > the appropriate directory. Is there another way to use their driver? How
>  > does recompiling affect the already installed 4.0.1? If Branden makes
>  > more changes does it overwrite what I have compiled?
>  get the binary & throw it on top of the existing mga.o file. if branden
>  updates, yes it will be over-written - so keep a backup :o) or put
>  xserver-xfree86 on hold
	I have the new Matrox  G450 card and have copied the new driver to
mga.o but am unable to get the xfree86-4  server to boot...just hangs a
blank screen. The driver readme says it supports the g450 card.
	Has anyone got this card working in 4.0 or any clues on how you
got the G400 to work. My xserver works fine with the ATI 128 pro card.

gEEk||dOOd^Deb+iaN&&XFce$aaZZ goes<Pronto>(-_-)

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