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Re: raid 5 partition table example

When you do Raid 5 using 3 hard drives (that's the minimum), you put all 3
drives into a logical array. Then the system will only see 1 logical hard
drive. After that, it doesn't matter how you create your partitions on it...
You can create several logical drives but you will need more hard drives.


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Subject: raid 5 partition table example

> Hello,
> If you use raid 5 would you want to also have separate partitions for
> /home, /usr, etc. ?
> If so, what would be the best way to partition them?
> If you have done this, could you show me your partition table?  I have
> only been able to find a partition table for raid 2.
> I have 3 10 Gig hard drives I would like to put into a raid array.
> Thanks
> Matt

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