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Re: apt-get and The_User

Gordon Sadler wrote:
> Follow up sent to debian-user as it seems more appropriate.

Not really,I think it's more a devel-issue since you just can't run
apt-get as user by default ,nor there is a stripped down version
of apt AFAIK. 

> I'm no expert but have you tried apt-get source?
> After downloading the source in this fashion it's not too difficult
> to change the debian/rules file to point to somewhere other than /usr
> (ie $HOME/usr, /usr/local, some other world or individual writable dir)
> That works most times, it may be rather bothersome as it will still need
> root perms for dpkg -i ? Not sure on that, but dpkg database only maintains
> one set of data for the system. There has been some alternative talk of
> makeing dpkg able to install to other than standard directories via an
> environment variable, but it appears to be dead in the water.
> So you can use apt-get source and perform local build/install, but
> cannot interact with dpkg without root perms AFAIK.
> Gordon Sadler

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