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Re: can't connect to ISP

a writes:
> i have Debian 2.0 and can't connect to ISP though i can connect in
> Win95. Below is output of plog:

Did you configure ppp with pppconfig?  Are you using pon to connect?  If
not, do so.  If so, post /etc/chatscripts/provider and
/etc/ppp/peers/provider.  Munge any passwords.

> ...Receive serial link is not 8-bit clean...

This usually happens when your ISP wants you to use scripted authentication
and you are not completing the process.  His machine is expecting more
strings when you start pppd and so echos its LCP packets back at it.  What
did you do to get Windows to connect?
John Hasler
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, Wisconsin

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