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Re: OT:Netscape

Lo, on Sunday, November 26, Stephan Kulka did write:

> I have a problem with netscape, which annoys me. Every time I start
> netscape the browser points to http:/// although I would like to point it
> to www.debian.org. Only when I open a new window this happens.
> Is this an known bug or can I change this behaviour??

You may well have checked this already, but what is your Netscape home page
set to?  (In Netscape's preferences box, the "Netscape" section, middle

> How can I configure netscape?? I know that I have to add lines to my
> ~/.Xresources, but I don't which. Is there somewhere a documentation??

I don't know that this particular setting is customizable through the X
resources system.  However, there are a number of settings only accessible
as X resources.  Look for a file called Netscape.ad somewhere on your
system.  On my recent 2.2r0, there are two (identical) copies:


These files contain a list of Netscape's resources, their default settings,
and a decent amount of documentation.  (They're suitable as input for xrdb,
although you shouldn't ever need to use them as such.)



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