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Re: Hi there

I set out to install by download but decided that even with a fast (cable)
internet connection, it was more than worth while to buy a set of
"official" CDROMS. I used cheapbytes and had no problem.

If you have a good, fast interenet connection and decide to go the download
route, I would suggest aiming to first get whatever you need to get apt-get
working and use that to install the rest of what you need. I can't help you
further on this because I tried it and decided to go the CD route.

BTW, its useful to provide concise, descriptive subjects for your posts to
help readers browsing the index decide whether to open your mail. In this
case you should also indicate the architecture you're installing on, i386,
alpha, mac, sun, etc. Probably i386 ("PC").

At 06:25 PM 11/26/00 +0100, you wrote:
>We are new at this list and at debian.
>We are Andre and Hennie and as a couple very much interested in linux .
>Can anyone help us by giving advises how to download and instal
>debian/linux?, The sites are very difficult to us becouse we dont know what
>to download and what not..
>P.s  sorry, comming from holland, there are for sure some mistakes in our
>writings, please forgive us..
>Andre and Hennie.
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