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Man pages

Hi all,

I'm a new Debian user (been using other distributions for
about 5 years) and I seem to be missing some man pages on
my new Debian system. I'm missing manpages for ptrace, 
termios, fcntl and others.

The command "dpkg -l |grep man" turns up (among others)

ii  manpages       1.29-2         Man pages about using a Linux system.
ii  manpages-dev   1.29-2         Linux-development man pages.

but neither of these seem contain the required man pages.
On Redhat all three of these man pages are in an RPM
called man-pages-1.28-6.rpm.

Anybody got any clues as to why I missing these man pages?

     Erik de Castro Lopo     erikd@zip.com.au
Orcad Express 9: "Its a nice demo but I wouldn't want to use it 
on a day-to-day basis" -- me

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