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Talk refused by default?


Out of curiosity (how else do you learn *nix systems?), I attempted
to talk between two logins on separate Debian 2.2 machines.

I received an error message that the remote-end was refusing connects
which seems contrary to the lines in /etc/default/devpts e.g.


The comment associated with TTYMODE says change to 600 to make mesg n
the default.

If I execute mesg y on the remote machine I can talk to it. What am I
missing here?

Neil Darlow.

1024D/531F9048 1999-09-11 Neil Darlow <neil@darlow.co.uk>
Key fingerprint = 359D B8FF 6273 6C32 BEAA  43F9 E579 E24A 531F 9048

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