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Re: where's plperl?

 The perl way to communicate to a database
 is called the DBI(db interface) module,
 available at your nearest CPAN mirror.
yeah, that's if you want to write a perl-script that addresses a DB...

 DBI is a very popular module.
i bet :D

but what i am searching for is a sort of embedded perl into postgres...

i want to be able to write functions and triggers in perl, instead of
SQL or pl-pgl ....

and in the postgres docu, there's reference that it is possible to use
perl inside of SQL requests, through a lib called plperl.so ....

PL/perl is an imbedded perl that works via that library you mention. AFAIK, there isn't a .deb for it, or for a version of pgsql that has it installed. You can find out how to build and install it from here:


You're going to need the postgres source in order to do it. I've yet to install it and try it on debian, although I've used it on RH and Mandrake.

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