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boot-floppy problem

Dear readers,

My PC hangs as soon as I boot from the rescue-floppy, created with
As soon as I hit the <return>-key for booting it shows the message
'booting...', followed by 'boot failed change disk and press a key to
adding parameters (linux mca aic7xxx mono etc) makes no difference.

architecture: i386
model: IBM 730 (= MCA/PCI machine)
Memory: 48Mb
SCSI / CD-ROM: PCI-slot-1 containes adaptec 2940 (SCSI):
id0 1Gb IBM HD (type 662)
id1 Pioneer CD-ROM player
id6 1GB IBM HD (tupe 663)
IDE floppy-drive
Installed 1 DOS 6.2 partition, 300Mb.
no network, no PCMCIA
PCI-slot 1 is free (adaptec in PCI slot-2)
MCA-slots NOT used!

DOS installed via floppydrive, so the drive seemes OK.
To be sure I replace the floppydrive. No difference!

the earlier mentioned PC already ran with (debian) linux 2.0.34. The
reinstalling is due to the reason that I changed both the SCSI-HDs from
(both) 1/2Gb to 1 Gb.

2.0.34 ran on the 2x 1/2 Gb. Nothing else changed since then.

I have the CD's (debian) for 2.0.34. I tried to reinstall (just for
curiosity while 2.2.17 won't boot) 2.0.34. I found that the system is
installing perfectly with 2.0.34!!!!

2.2.17 gives the message 'booting...' with exactly three dots and than
failes to add dots, as you see with 2.0.34. This installation shows
approx. 15 dots, one by one added,  followed by the message
'uncompressing etc.'

To install 2.0.34 I made the floppy with rawrite2 (found with the 2.2.17

kernel) and the binary 'resc1440.bin' from the 2.0.34-CD.

I re-downloaded rescue.bin from the debian-site (german and uk-site) for

kernel 2.2.17 several times. This floppy starts the installscreen for
linux and shows the message: linux 2.2.17.

Next attempt:

The 2.2.17 image flop still will not boot the system. The consequence is
that I am NOT able to
install 2.2.17.

As a work around I installed 2.0.34 again, created the boot and the
root-flop and tested is. With
these floppies the system boots. No problem. I can also install the
kernel booting off with the

After this I upgraded all packages with apt, according to the manuals
(install-HOWTO, debian
upgrade doc.)
This shows NO problem.

Upgrading the kernel to 2.2.17 shows NO problem, except for creating the
boot-floppy. Creating
works fine. Booting from the bootfloppy shows the message: "Booting
kernel", over two lines of
dots and than repeating:


The computer hangs.

Making a boot floppy with "make zdisk" shows a message: make: *** No
rule to make target
'zdisk'. Stop.

Making a bootfloppy with dd if=vmlinuz_2.2.17 of=/dev/fd0 bs=1k
rdev /dev/fd0 /dev/fd0
rdev -R /dev/fd0 0
shows again the register-dump

Otherwise the system is running OK.


Can anybody point out for me whats happenig here while I have no way of
rebooting the system at all after a
sudden crash??!
Thanx in advance.


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