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Re: 3dfx Voodoo not found by libglide2x.so?

You won't have to recompile your kernel. Just go to your /usr/src/
direcory and read the instructions contained in the 3dfx-source tarball.
I did that some time ago and it was not really hard. Note: You must have
kernel-source installed (matching the kernel version you are running) in
the directory /usr/src/linux. Hope that was good enough for you, sorry I
can't tell you details now...


Willy Lee schrieb:
> Hello,
> Just a quick shout before I go to work:
> I have a 3dfx Voodoo 2, Mesa (glide2 version) and XFree86 3.3.6
> installed.  Whenever I try to run a gl demo, I get the following
> warning message:
> gd error (glide): _GlideInitEnvironment: libglide2x.so expected Voodoo, none detected
> fx Driver: ERROR no Voodoo1/2 Graphics or Voodoo Rush !
> Has anyone had this problem?  I have installed:
> libglide2-v2
> libglide2-dev
> mesag3-glide2
> mesag-glide2-dev
> glide2-base
> I also just installed device3dfx-source, but haven't got around to
> recompiling a kernel with it yet.
> I know this card worked at one point; I will check that the card is
> seated properly and all connections are solid when I get home :), but
> I don't have time now and was hoping that there might be a response I
> could check from work.
> tia,
> =wl
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> Albert ``Willy'' Lee, Emacs user, game programmer
> "They call me CRAZY - just because I DARE to DREAM of a RACE of
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