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xinetd and fetchmail

Debian Users,

	I'm trying to be security conscious.  I've heard xinetd is the way to
go when it comes to an internet super-server so I apt-get installed it.  Only 
problem is that I can't get it to work with fetchmail.  

	My xinetd.conf only contains one stanza.  Here it is:

	service smtp
		socket_type     = stream
		protocol        = tcp
		wait            = no
		user            = mail
		server          = /usr/sbin/exim
		server_args     = -bs

	My inetd.conf file, before I began trying to use xinetd, only had one 
	entry in it.  It was:

	smtp	stream	tcp	nowait	mail /usr/sbin/exim  exim -bs

	Fetchmail operates fine with inetd.  However, whenever I attempt to run 
	Fetchmail under xinetd, this is the error I get:

	16 messages for r.a.jacobs at mail (195121 octets).
	reading message 1 of 16 (4048 octets) ..fetchmail:SMTP connect
	to localhost failed
	fetchmail: SMTP transaction error while fetching from mail
	fetchmail: Query Status=10 (smtp)	

	So...why won't xinetd allow me to fetch my mail?  Does this have
	anything to do with RPC and how do I fix it?

	Your help is greatly appreciated,

	robert	<r.a.jacobs@home.com>
	~no witty sig required~

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