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Re: RE: Packages kept back?

On 21-Nov-2000 Casey Henderson wrote:
> Thanks for the info.  The reason I ask is that I've been running KDE 2
> for a couple of weeks now, and I've been doing dist-upgrades nightly
> without any problems whatsoever, and all of a sudden I got this message
> about packages being kept back.  It also said that kdebase is going to
> be removed.  I'm guessing this upgrade is going to kill KDE (right now
> I'm only downloading the upgraded packages, not installing them). Will
> I be able to reinstall kdebase?? I have to use KDE because I ran into
> problems using Gnome. I currently have qt2.2 on my system (I think I
> also have qt1.44 so I can run some older programs).  Thanks.

you may lose kde for a day.  The problem is the maintainer looks for 2.2-10 (10
is a made up number) but only 9 is installed.  You have the right upstream
version -- 2.2.  His package depends on the wrong Debian version.

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