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Re: recommended TV/radio cards for potato

In robert_wilhelm_land's email, 21-11-2000:
> Would someone kindly share his experiences in using a combo TV/radio
> card on Deb 2.2.17?
> Having a look on the internet I found the two cards at reasonable
> prices:
> 1.) Hauppauge WinTV Primio FM TV/Radio-Karte PCI Mono/Stereo 

I can attest to this card working fine.  I have one installed in my system.  
Just compile the support in, and install xawtv (and some radio app, I don't use
mine for radio so I can't tell you about that part)

This is in the USA, mind you.  I can't attest to non-NTSC formats :P

> 2.) Terratec Terra TV Radio+ TV/Radio-Karte PCI Stereo 

This might work - just check the decoder chip that the card contains, if it is on 
the supported list for video4linux, you should be fine. 

> Which one should I choose when aiming for a good TV and radio quality,
> mostly in Germany?
> Robert
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Michael Janssen
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