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Re: tt fonts listing but unavailable?

%% Alson van der Meulen <alsonm@linuxfreak.com> writes:

  >> I used to use this font: "-*-barbedor t
  >> heavy-medium-r-normal-*-100-*-iso8859-1" but now when I ask for it,
  >> FVWM says it's not found.  When I use xlsfonts and grep for
  >> "barbedor" I can find this font:
  >> -2rebels-barbedor t heavy-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-p-0-iso8859-1
  >> When I use "xfontsel -scaled", I can choose the exact font I want, but
  >> my WM doesn't grok it.
  >> This worked fine with the old X server and xfstt; is there something I
  >> have to do to allow clients to use the scaleable fonts in X 4.x?

  avdm> i had the same problem with X3.3.6 + xfstt when freetype1 was
  avdm> not installed yet, xfontsel/gimp showed it in the list but
  avdm> displaying the font failed.

I definitely have freetype2 installed; is that good enough?

Thanks for the reply...

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