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bad task-x-window-system-core in Woody?


I am trying to get an up-to-date Woody system running, and
I basically did a bare minimum install of 2.2r0, then did
an apt-get dist-upgrade to Woody, and now I'm trying to
install X, but when I do 'apt-get install
task-x-window-system-core' I get an error about how the
task depends on xbase-clients, but it's not getting
installed, so apt stops.  The complete x window task
doesn't have this problem, so I would guess the issue lies
w/ the x-window-system-core task?

I set the system to downloading the complete x-window task
during work today, but anyother ideas would be welcome? 
How do I check and see if a bug report has already been
submitted on this?


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