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Re: sound question

>>>>> "Adam" == Adam C Powell IV <hazelsct@mit.edu> writes:

    Adam> Daniel Pittman wrote:
    >> Andrew Dixon <andrew_dwight_dixon@yahoo.com> writes:
    >> >
    >> > Hi All, I just recompiled my kernel so that my sound now works. The
    >> > only problem is that I have to enter:
    >> >
    >> >     modprobe nm256
    >> >
    >> > in order to get the module to load into the kernel. Any body know how
    >> > I can automate this or get it to run at startup.
    >> Add the name of any modules you want loaded at startup to the file
    >> '/etc/modules'.

    Adam> The "right way" to do this is to add it using modconf.  But AFAIK this just adds
    Adam> it to /etc/modules (along with any arguments the module might need).

    Actually, modconf(8) also modifies /etc/modules.conf, where the
arguments to the modules are defined. But, you're right, using modconf
is the "right way" to go about it.


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