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Re: sblive; kernel 2.2.12?

On Tue, Nov 21, 2000 at 12:47:19AM -0800, Chris Palmer wrote:
> Hi, all...
> I'm trying to install an SBLive into my linux machine and
> I'm having trouble getting the sblive module (v0.2) provided 
> by Creative Labs for kernel 2.2.5 to install under 2.2.12.
> I enabled MODULE VERSION support for my kernel and recompiled
> everything, which I assumed would allow this module to load, 
> even though it was built for 2.2.5, but insmod/modprobe keeps 
> telling me that it's for kernel version 2.2.5 and refuses to 
> load.
> Am I missing something?

    That depends. It's not the 2.2.12 kernel supplied with the "Learning
Debian/GNU Linux" book by O'Reilly, is it? If so, I couldn't get anything
working with that modified kernel. Once I grabbed a stock one it was fine. I'm
now running 2.2.17 with the Create Labs driver. 
    As for version 2.2.5, don't know. I just grabbed the latest one from the
ftp site. 


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